Q: Who can apply?

A: Applicants must be Canadian citizens, and a youth or emerging adult who has overcome adversity related to mental health and is pursuing a related health education or study at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada.

Q: What courses or programs count as a health-related study?

A: Eligible programs include medical school, nursing, psychology, physical education, kinesiology, nutrition, social work, community recreation and lab-related research programs.

Q: What if it’s not possible to get a letter of reference from a teacher?

A: If applicants are unable to acquire a letter of reference from a teacher, a letter of reference from an academic advisor, academic dean or academic mentor/teaching assistant (TA) is acceptable.

Q: Can I mail in my application?

A: No, all applications must be submitted electronically.

Q: The online application form is not working properly for me. What should I do?

A: Please contact us if the form is not working properly for you.

Q: Will the scholarship be awarded again next year?

A: Yes, the Medavie Scholarship Honouring Pierre-Yves Julien is an annual scholarship.

Q: If I am the chosen recipient, when can I expect to be notified?

A: The successful recipient will be notified in September.

Q: What is the term/length of the scholarship?

A: The scholarship is awarded annually; chosen recipients will receive funding for one year of study.

Q: If I am the chosen recipient, can I apply again next year?

A: No, chosen recipients will only receive funding once.