Through our Grants Program, we support smaller, targeted programs aligned with child and youth mental health, post-traumatic stress, and type 2 diabetes. All submitted projects are important; however, we focus our support on grassroots, community initiatives that demonstrate sustainability, broader community partnerships, the potential for replication, and improve access to services in addressing physical and mental health care challenges related to our core causes.

Our grants program:

  • We accept applications year-round; however, to be considered for funding in 2018, applications must be received by September 1, 2018.
  • No letter of inquiry process.
  • Multi-year funding requests will be considered (3-year maximum).

We encourage you to complete the below questionnaire to see if you qualify for our Grants program.

Are you eligible?

We can only provide grants to registered charities and qualified organizations listed by Canada Revenue Agency that address one of our core health causes. This includes having annual financial statements audited in Canada.

You must take the quiz below to help determine your project’s eligibility and fit with our focus and strategic priorities, and if you’re prepared to apply. We also suggest you read our Guidelines and FAQs.

Is your program primarily focused on one of our core causes areas?

Is your program evidence-based?

Does your program improve access to services for those at-risk?

We track how programs help those at-risk stay in school, stay out of the hospital and/or empower people to better manage their health. Do you have an evaluation or measurement process in place to track one or more of these impacts?

Does your program bring together an array of services/community partners?

If this is a new program, have you explored what similar programs are available even if they are in another region?

Could your program serve as a replicable model for others?

Does your program align with our strategic priorities?

Grant Policies

  • All potential grantee organizations and their programs are reviewed by the Foundation.
  • Medavie Health Foundation may visit the grant recipient during the term of the grant.
  • Grant recipients are required to submit reports during the term of the grant. A final report is required within six months of project completion.