New E-Health Solution Supports Canadians to Live Healthier With Online Coaching


Medavie and Toronto Rehab Foundation partner on chronic disease prevention initiative that accelerates healthy living

Toronto, ON – Medavie Health Foundation is partnering with Toronto Rehab Foundation to support ACCELERATION (ACtivity, smoking Cessation, healthy Eating, and aLcohol intERvention & motivATION), an evidence-based, e-health solution that will provide at-risk Canadians with the tools to take control of their health prevention needs and reduce their risk of developing chronic disease, including type 2 diabetes. Led by Dr. Paul Oh, a leading expert on the role of exercise in rehabilitation, the four-year $750,000 initiative builds on the initial $75,000 investment provided by Medavie Blue Cross in support of the 2013-2016 ACCELERATION chronic disease and lifestyle research study.

ACCELERATION 2.0 is founded on the pan-Canadian clinical research study that addressed health behaviours known to contribute to 70% of all chronic diseases: physical inactivity, smoking, inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, and alcohol in excess. Knowing that a growing number of Canadians are seeking fast and convenient ways to access the necessary health information and support required to prevent and/or manage health problems, it will use virtual exchange, including online coaching, to address access barriers and help bridge the gap in health disparities in   supporting participants to achieve healthy behaviour changes.

ACCELERATION 2.0 was launched this morning with partner representatives and stakeholders in attendance.

Quick Facts

  • With a program satisfaction rate of 90%, ACCELERATION graduates (2013-2016), on average, increased their life expectancy by 1.25 years, and 80% lowered their risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years.
  • ACCELERATION graduates also increased physical activity (150 minutes of moderate to vigorous), nutrition levels (5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day), and smoking cessation.
  • Chronic diseases and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and arthritis are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.
  • The dynamic combination of e-care and health coaching has proven effective in increasing access to tailored health plans on-demand, widespread dissemination, and immediate updating of education.


“Chronic disease management presents significant challenges to the healthcare system and to those living with a chronic illness. ACCELERATION 2.0 is an online approach to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals, with a goal of chronic disease prevention. This aligns with Medavie’s vision of providing easier access to quality care for better health outcomes. It’s also an example of a different kind of health care, one that begins in our homes and communities in helping Canadians live their best lives.”
Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie

“We are grateful for the partnership with Medavie Health Foundation to bring ACCELERATION 2.0 to Canadians, specifically in Ontario, Québec, and Atlantic Canada. Our experiences to date would suggest the importance of key alliances such as these, to further expand our network of leaders and knowledge-users, to develop and disseminate strategies to improve and adopt risk-reducing treatments based on new evidence, and to assist in the complex navigation of reaching at-risk/hard to reach populations. Thank you Medavie for your leadership gift that will further realize our vision of helping Canadians make the healthy choice, everyday.”
Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute / UHN

From left to right: Cindy Yelle, President & CEO, Toronto Rehab Foundation; Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie; Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute/UHN; Patty Faith, Executive Director, Medavie Health Foundation, and Michael Eizenga, Board Member, Toronto Rehab Foundation.