Nova Scotia Resource Centre Part of National Girls’ Health and Wellness Project


Girls Action Foundation receives Medavie Health Foundation grant to support project at LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre.

Girls Action Foundation is using a $15,000 grant to help fund the development and implementation of the Girls’ Health and Wellness Project, a national initiative aimed at positively affecting the health of Canadian girls by increasing their knowledge of healthy living and ability to make positive life choices. The Foundation’s funding will support program implementation at LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre serving the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

The Girls’ Health and Wellness Project is an evidence-based, gender-specific program focused on the unique challenges girls face in leading healthy lives. It addresses gaps in youth health promotion services identified through research. The goal of the project is to reduce health problems related to weight and self-esteem, encouraging girls to adopt healthy lifestyles and a positive body image.

Girls Action Foundation is one of 22 organizations receiving funding through Medavie Health Foundation’s 2016 Grants Program. Since late 2011, the Foundation has committed some $7.5 million to over 50 single and multi-year grant and partnership programs.

Quick Facts

  • Girls are more likely to experience depression, anxiety disorders and intentional self-harm than any other group of people in Canada. The effects are often associated with low self-esteem and a negative body image, which increases their risk of engaging in harmful behaviours such as smoking, substance abuse, eating disorders and unsafe sex.
  • Girls’ Health and Wellness Project activities include the design and delivery of a toolkit on girls’ health and well-being, healthy living workshops, youth-led community health promotion activities, and a health and wellness symposium for girl programmers and service providers.
  • Each year, Girls Action Foundation reaches over 60,000 girls and women nationally through the delivery of innovative programs focused on health promotion, healthy relationships, violence prevention, self-esteem and empowerment.


“Girls face unique challenges when it comes to their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This gender-specific program will help empower girls with the confidence and skills to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their self-esteem. It’s also an example of a different kind of health care, one that starts in our community centres in helping young women lead healthy and fulfilling lives.”
– Patty Faith, Executive Director, Medavie Health Foundation

“With the support of Medavie Health Foundation, we’re able to develop a comprehensive resource for girls, while bringing together a network of stakeholders to exchange best practices and inform policy. The Girls’ Health and Wellness Project will make a real difference in the lives of girls across Canada.”
– Rachel Zellars, Executive Director, Girls Action Foundation

“With funding from Medavie Health Foundation and the support of the Girls Action Foundation, girls in our rural community are able to be co-constructors of a program that will benefit their health, both mentally and physically.  The sessions being piloted locally combine youth-led healthy living activities and education, which optimizes critical thinking and self-advocacy skills. Program participants have provided great feedback on the sessions and specific activities that are most insightful. LEA Place will share this information with the program partners to enable an effective program design for a broader audience.”
– Myrene Keating-Owen, Executive Director, LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre

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About Medavie Health Foundation

Medavie Health Foundation is funded by Medavie Blue Cross and Medavie EMS as part of a long-term commitment to make a lasting impact in the communities where our employees and customers live and work. The Foundation is focused on two core causes of particular concern to Canadians – child and youth mental health and type 2 diabetes. It aims to bring organizations and communities together through collaborative multi-year partnerships and to support grassroots, community-based initiatives through an annual grants program. For more information and to sign up for our e-newsletter, visit us at

Medavie is proud to commit an annual social dividend of 10 per cent of our net income to the Medavie Health Foundation.

About LEA Place

LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre is a multi-service, multi-issue, non-profit organization providing services to women and adolescent girls. Located in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, the centre works towards a dual mandate of direct service and social change. For more information, visit

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